Novels… (Part One)

As I mentioned in my last post my creative writing life pretty much boils down to “trying to write novels that don’t work” but most of the time my ideas are really cool. For example; a scientist who invents a transportation machine and it transports them to another world.

My problem is always in the working out of the story. Writing it out, getting the nitty gritty details right. I just can’t do it. I participated in NaNoWriMo this November, and while my book is utter crap (what do you expect when you have to write like 2,000 words a day) It taught me a valuable lesson.

Writing isn’t just pure talent, the story pops in your head and it’ll be perfect right away. No. It’s a long process, where you will spend some days hammering away at the keyboard as if you were the hero defeating a villain in the computer. Other days you’ll sit there thinking “What’s wrong with me?” writer’s block just took its hammer and whacked you upside the head with it, then choked you with it’s sharp-edged blankness. Writing takes time, and it won’t always be too pleasant.

I’m currently working on about thirty different things, wherein I’m truly vesting time and effort into about three. These are the current titles and will most likely change numerous times before I would ever dream of sending them off to be critiqued. here they are:

Sea of the Lost Ones: a fantasy story about a man who gets transported from our world to another for the purpose of  saving that world from a great evil (this was my NaNo novel)

Invisible: Fantasy again, a group of teens get radiationified and start turning invisible. They team up with a group of rebels to kill the tyrant king.

Sky CIties: dystopian/ apocalyptic after a nuclear war, the rich retreated to the Sky cities to escape the radiation, leaving the poor behind. 700 years later their cities start failing…

Yeah. That’s them.

They keep me quite busy, each demanding space in my brain, which is already overcrowded enough. If I were to just let loose every thought as it came to me…. well it’d be a very interesting story. It’d jump all over the place, making sense to only me. Might be an idea for a later blog post.



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