It’s summer, and I’m done school! (sorry to those of you still stuck in exams)

However, it’s sad to say, I’ve been done for about three days, and i’m already bored out of my mind.

I mean it’s supposed to be summer! You know, you sit around doing nothing, doing whatever you want. Yeah, uh, I don’t do very well with that. All throughout the school year, I had lots and lots of homework, and I  just never(or almost never) had the time to do something I wanted to do, especially the last couple of weeks with exams and summatives and other fun stuff like that. So now that I don’t have that to occupy my mind space, I have to find something else. My problem though, is that the stuff I would do during the year was really superficial, give-my-mind-a-break kind of stuff, whereas now my brain is being a couch potato and doing nothing. It’s sad.

So what to do when boredom threatens to drain your life of everything that is fun in life?

I like to write. I’ve expressed that before on this blog, and I’ll say it again: I like to write. I like writing what I read; fantasy/sci-fi, historical and Christian fiction. I’ll sometimes dabble in poetry but that really doesn’t work that well…

However, lately I haven’t been able to come up with stuff, and it has been easy to see me just staring at my computer with maybe one or two lines written, and a full empty page in front of me. So what do I do?

I really don’t know. I think the best thing to do is just pick something that’s going through your head and just start writing, even if it’s nonsense. If that doesn’t work, then just go do something else for a bit, but if you’re plagued with that boredom (like I was) that no matter what you do, nothing is fun, well, I’m not sure I can help you. The way I conquered it for today was I found something was fun to do, and then the rest of the things kind of work easier now. For the first thing, I’m writing my first blog post in like a month or more, and for the second, I’m actually having a lot of fun doing it.

So my recommendation, if you’re stuck with that soul-draining boredom that slowly eats away at any kind of pleasure you may or may not have, keep trying things, eventually you’ll find something that helps. If not, just go eat chocolate. It does seem to help.



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