This is a piece I wrote a while ago. It’s my take of what it might have been like if I were there at creation.


I become aware that it is pitch black. Opening and closing my eyes makes no difference. I can’t feel anything under my feet; I am floating. My body is intangible; it is as if I am only here in spirit.

I quickly grow bored of just sitting there in complete darkness. However, just as I stretch out on my stomach to take a nap, for lack of better things to do, something happens. I hear something, not unlike someone gently blowing on coals to ignite them into flames. It’s coming from beside me, to my left. I turn, and stretch out my hand. Nothing there. I reach further, doing a sort of breaststroke to get to whatever is blowing in this dark, empty space.

I feel the moving air on my hands, my face. It smells of freshly cut grass, of buttercups in the spring, of lemonade, and another smell I recognize but cannot place. It smells like sunshine, but warmer and lighter; purer. It’s warm and refreshing, and I feel like I’ve known it all my life, and this is at the same time the first time I’ve felt it.

The blower goes on blowing, and I come closer. My hand touches something solid, but drifts through it like I was made of mist. A hand grips mine, and I become somewhat more solid. Compared to the being beside me, I am still about as solid as a dust devil, but I feel more steady, and even less in control. I’m perfectly fine with it. Peace and love radiates from the being beside me, and I feel perfectly safe despite having about as much mass as a breath of air. I hold onto the hand, not wanting to let go, not knowing how I could have lived without the strength that flows into me from this being I found in the infinite darkness of timelessness.

The blower stopped blowing. I now heard no noise. There was nothing to suggest anything was any different from before the blowing started, except for the hand holding tight to mine, fingers interlaced, not letting go.

I felt a deep rumbling come up from the one beside me. It was like a rumble that a dog would get just before it started to growl, only this came from a man, yet not a man. I was sure of this. The rumble grew in intensity, and I could now hear the rumbles as well as feel them. They echoed through me like a bass drum beat, my heart providing a complimentary beat. The rumblings grew, and grew, until they reached their peak. Then they shut off in an instant. And in their place was a voice. Deeper than the furthest reaches of deep space, older than any lengths of time could ever measure, and stronger than the roar of any and all lions. It both whispered and shouted at the same time. It was a chorus of one voice, one voice creating a chorus. It said “Let there be light.”

Instantly, there was light. It was coming from all around me, but the strongest light was coming from my left. I looked over at the Being. The first word that came to mind was radiant, for he was bright, brighter than the sun in all its glory, almost too bright to look at. But I could look at him. He was undoubtedly a king. He was king above all kings that ever existed and will ever exist. But he carried this not proudly, not boasting, but also not as a great burden. He carried it as just being there, as it always was and always would be. I could barely tear my eyes away from this face, this most beautiful face unlike any I had ever seen before, but he gestured around him at the light.

I could see now that we were floating above a planet, covered in an expanse of ocean, all perfectly still, not a ripple in the surface.

“It is Good!” he called out, his voice resounding throughout all of history and all of time. He gestured pointedly at one area of light, and called it “day”. It was as if all the light that did not emanate from the Being beside me, coagulated on that side of the planet, and darkness overtook the other half, which he called “night”.

He now turned to me, took my other hand in his other hand, for he had not yet let go of my left. He looked into my eyes, and I looked back into his. His eyes were warm, but his gaze was piercing. I knew he was looking at me and he saw all of me, open and bare before him, nothing to hide. He smiled at me. His love for me was written all over his face. How could he love me? He saw all I was and everything I had done, and he still loved me.

I just kept holding onto that gaze, not letting go. I have no idea how much time passed, locked in that gaze. When he finally blinked and looked away, letting go of one of my hands, I looked away with him, and saw that the darkness was now on the other side of the planet, and the light was now on the right as opposed to the left like it was before.

He spoke again, his voice as calm and powerful as he was. “Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water.” And suddenly, we were no longer hanging in space, but we were hanging in the water. And from the left came what looked like a giant, invisible axe, the blade pushing water below and above it. Behind the axe came an expanse of fresh air, and above me I could see blue sky, so much bluer than any sky I’ve ever seen before. It was a richer, deeper blue, with more layers, it sparkled and moved, and it was like looking at an ocean from high up, upside down. There was also an ocean at our feet, and it still rippled gently from the axe blade. It was like watching liquid crystals move in a breeze.

He said once again “It is Good!”, and he called the expanse of air “sky”. I marvelled at it all. But most of all, I marvelled at him. He had the grace and power of a lion, but the gentleness of a dove.

The light had all shifted towards the left again, and the darkness was approaching. He took my hand once more, and was staring into his eyes again, unaware of anything but him. I could tell now he was not necessarily safe. But he was, most definitely, good.

Once again, he released me, and once again the light was on the right. This time, when he spoke, land formed beneath us, and we set down gently. The land was all very bare, just rocks and dirt in the shape of hills, valleys and rolling plains. He spoke again, his voice now rolling over the hills, down through the valleys, and barreling over the plains. Everywhere the sound of his voice came, green started popping up. Trees of all kinds and grasses and flowers grew higher and higher, until the place they were standing on was a shady grove of trees. I leaned up against a tall beech tree, its leaves bowing and tickling my face.

The being, for I still don’t know his name, though I have a guess as to what it could be, stood beside me, watching me enjoy all he had just created, a smile on his face, as if he was saying  I made this for you, it’s my gift to you. Watching you enjoy it is all the thanks I’ll ever need. He took my hand again, and we journeyed to the next time when the light was on the right once more.

This time however, we pulled up into space, and he spoke again. At his words, a ball of flame, shining like the sun, appeared in his hand. He lifted it up and placed it in its place, as if it were hanging by an invisible hook. And I realized it was the Sun. Meanwhile he hung a white and grey ball of rock much closer; the Moon. I looked around in the wonder of it all. The Sun and Moon hung in the sky where they didn’t hang before, and they shone light onto us and onto the newly formed earth.

The One beside me drew my attention once again. In his hand sat millions of stars, twinkling. I could even see a couple planets twirling around some stars, and some planets that had no stars at all, and were just drifting there. He raised his hand to level with his lips, and blew. The stars lifted off from his hand like the fluff of a dandelion when blown. They all lifted into the sky, and they all came to rest in their respective places. Stretched out before me was the Milky Way, along with uncountable stars drifting past. I looked at the being in wonder. He made, and continued making all these incredible things, and I could just stand and watch.

We went through another light moving to the right, only this time I understood. It was evening going to morning. We’d been going through days. If I was right, today we were on the fifth day. What would he create today?

We went back down to earth, and he offered me his arm for a walk. As we walked, he stopped by the beach and picked up a handful of water. “Let the water teem with living creatures”, he said. Then, right before my eyes, a micro-ecosystem formed in his hands, with fish swimming all about, a little jellyfish grabbed hold of his pinky, and a little crab crawling along his palm. He lowered his hands, and let the little animals slide into the water. Moving on, he made a bird with his hands, and flung it up into the air, where it caught the wind, and floated above us. “Fly,” he said, “Fly and increase your numbers.” The bird seemed to split and morph into two birds, then four, then eight, and so on until I could no longer count them all. They were all different colours and sizes, all beautiful and unique. I held out my hand, and one of the little birds flitted towards me. He didn’t land on my finger though, but he landed on the finger of my companion.

He stroked the bird’s head for a moment, and then let it fly again.

We went through another day, but were in the same place when we returned the next morning. He turned to the beach itself and gesturing towards the sand, raised his hand as if he were lifting something up. Out of the sand came all manner of creatures, great and small, with floppy ears or long necks, with reptilian scales or fur and hair, he made them all.

Then he brought me over to a patch of clay on the beach, where he sat down and formed a sculpture. It was a human, that was easy enough to see. He made the sculpture complete, and blew on the face. The face lost its claylike look, and started to look like real skin. The colour spread, and before me stood a perfect specimen of human features. The only better looking one was the Being beside me. He created a female to accompany him, and he said to them “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground. I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” Then the night approached again, and He left the humans playing happily in the orchard where he left them, and the two of us rocketed up into space again, and we looked down on all that he made. He took my hands again. This time, however, was different from the other times. He placed my hand on his shoulder, and pulled me close, his hand held protectively against the small of my back.

“Listen” he whispered. I closed my eyes and concentrated, from far away, and from all around us, came… music. It was a heavenly melody, a tune of celebration and birth; a song of new life. I stared at him, and he simply led me through a dance to the celestial music that resonated all around us. I simply followed him. I’m sure, that woven deep within that melody, I heard one line being repeated: Dance with me.

We kept dancing, for I don’t know how long, until finally my knees gave out from the exhaustion. He picked me up in his arms and carried me over to my bed. He lay me down and tucked me in. I asked him one question before he left.

“What is your name?”

“You know my name, dearest.”

“I do?”

“Yes. I am the Creator of the universe, the one and only God.” I smiled. He was right. I did know his name. It just took me a while to figure out I did.


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