Book Review #4

Hi everyone! Once again, I’m taking part in Bethany House’s Blogger Review Program. This time it’s actually a compilation of four novellas, from four different authors, put into one book, rather like episodes of a TV series. Invitation, sporting big names in Christian fiction such as Bill Meyers, Angela Hunt, Frank Peretti, and Alton Gansky, is the first of three (or more?) sets of four compilations being released by Bethany House over the course of the next year.

Here is the blurb from their website:

You’re invited on a journey of suspense and the supernatural as four of your favorite bestselling authors team up for a unique series.

From the minds of Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, and Alton Gansky, Invitation compiles the first four episodes of Harbingers, each following a different character.

BRENDA–the street-hustling tattoo artist who sees images of the future
THE PROFESSOR–the atheist ex-priest ruled by logic
ANDI–the professor’s brilliant but geeky assistant who sees inexplicable patterns
TANK–the naïve, big-hearted jock with a surprising connection to a healing power

Brought together for the first time in “The Call,” the four soon realize pockets of darkness are emerging throughout the world. Whether it involves a mysterious house, the unexplainable death of animals around the world, or an otherworldly little girl, each puzzle they solve brings them closer to the ultimate explanation of what’s happening. But will they discover the truth in time?

I honestly loved this so much, and I had trouble putting it down; it’s been a while since I felt so sucked into a book and felt with the characters. When they got into impossible situations (and yes, impossible, disappearing houses that suffocate, animals without eyes, a girl from another world who can float and grows younger every day), I was living right along with them, experiencing the adventure through them.

They encounter strange things, from an institute for special children playing with demonic possession to killer ghosts, the IT, and invisible friends who aren’t named Harvey.

Each of the novellas is written by a different author, through the eyes of a different character each time. The insights that you would normally only get from the protagonist in most books,  is now present in each of the characters, and helps explain some of their actions in the books that do not get an inside view of their thoughts.

What I really loved about this book is the connections that could be drawn like a thread connecting each of the books, the recurring elements, and the supernatural elements that never failed to disappoint.

I really like the third “episode” in this book, from the point of view of Andi, the Professor’s assistant. She sees patterns and mathematics in just about everything, something I think is really cool and can identify somewhat with as well.

I can’t wait until the next installment comes out in August, I definitely plan on buying it.

Basically for any fans of any of the authors, or simply fans of supernatural thrillers, I definitely recommend this book. Really. It was wonderful.

Have you read any of them, or other books by the authors? Let me know what you thought 🙂 .



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