Pictionary 2.0

Pictionary is a game popular at teen sleepovers and other get togethers. Everyone has played it at one time or another, and some are great at it and some are not. I think it’s a great game to work on both your art and language skills, either way.
However we’re not here to talk about pictionary, but about Pictionary 2.0.
Pictionary 2.0 is a game best played in a group of 4 or more. Each person has a piece of paper and writes a quote/phrase and passes it on to the next person. They have to draw that quote/ phrase, fold over the paper so only the drawing is visible, and hand it to the next person. They have to come up with a phrase for that drawing, fold it over, pass it on to the next person, and they have to draw again. This goes on and on until everyone gets their own paper back, and then you read aloud and show the best pictures of your page.

This game has become a new year’s tradition in my group of friends, who we’ve gotten together with for at least 5 or 6 years on new year’s. Every year it brings lots of laughter, and we sincerely enjoy it.

For those of you who like a good, clean-cut sheet, I made a PDF sheet.

Pictionary 2.0 sheets

For those of you who just don’t care, take a piece of scrap paper and just have fun with it.

Enjoy the game!